Exercise is a really good idea…but it takes a mind set.  A made up mind.  A determined mind.  I’m not sure how much mind I have to offer Mr. Exercise.

I have much more mind to offer Mr. Read.  Or Mr. Clean House even.  I enjoy Mr. Stroll…but Mr. Exercise??? He makes me sweat.  I NOT like sweat!  (I said that in typical “Cookie Monster” voice.)Womens Campmeeting 2009 045

I much more enjoy preparing a meal for my family, setting a pretty table (not very talented in the “setting” part–but I still enjoy trying 🙂 ), and I enjoy some “gazing out the window” at the world time.

Not so much exercise.

But–this past weekend, I purchased a pair of new running shoes….just in case the mood to run strikes.  Not as in “runaway bride”, but as in “exercise”—or at least give it my best shot.  I have a feeling—they will be used more for some nice strolls.

Running walking fast we will go!

This will help with the hormone changes. Yes.  I know.  I don’t either.  But the book says…it raises the level of our serotonin and that’s a GOOD thing.  (The linked article is very informative!)

So, with the weekend upon us….let see how much exercise (heart-rate increasing) we can do! (Don’t I sound chipper??)

He’s fixing me,