And His love and grace is what keeps me going!Give Thanks-table by Brenda

But—I got me some hormones.

It’s different from having a broken leg. A broken leg will heal in time. But those hormones…or today, being full of NW FL, small county community dialect, I’d say, “but them there hormones, they are givin’ me a fit!”

Yes, I took my meds. Yes, I am eating right. No I didn’t exercise this weekend. Instead, I was up early, did some laundry (just the washing and drying part), ate a bite of breakfast, although can’t remember what. Oh, yeah. Cereal. The flakes and strawberry kind. Then I ran to Walmart to get birthday presents, and other such stuff then I drove 30 minutes to the birthday party, then I stressed a bit about the normal birthday stuff…and the fact that there were tons of people who I didn’t know…and it started to sprinkle…and that didn’t matter to the kids…and I forgot to bring my camera…and I used my phone…and the internet connectivity was out of order…pretty much like my brain.

After the birthday party I took 2 grandsons back home and then my oldest daughter came in with the youngest of her kiddo’s and then they ran, and played, and jabbered. Then they left.

Did y’all just take a breath?

We did. So no, I did not exercise.

After passing out during the football games on the couch, waking to Jeff sawing logs in his recliner. Loudly. Uuhmmm yes. I suppose he was tired as well.

So, up I pounce (slowly…very slowly–wait can you pounce slow? I’m not sure, I’ll check with Tigger and get back to you), anyway, I crawl off the couch, lumber to the kitchen and try and figure out what I want to cook for supper. Answer? Nothing. But, I choose to peel potatoes for soup.

A bit of grocery shopping at the nearest grocery store that is NOT a
Wal-Mart and then back home to switch out the laundry that still has not folded itself!

Add to all that, a bunch of stuff I just plain already forgot about, and the WORSE part of all of it….I did not get up in time to do my devotions.

There. That’s at the bottom. I have layered on a nice slice of guilt– because the old enemy says, “you sure ain’t much of a Christian”…not gettin’ up and readin’…I bet the LORD don’t even pay you any attention today!”

But you know what? The LORD did pay me attention. He loved on me and as I drove, I recalled Scripture verses by memory and said them out loud (so the enemy could hear) and then I listened to a Bible Study as I was driving and the Lord paid attention. And I remember recent prayers that I had prayed and He had answered with a miracle.

So yes, dear sister. The LORD is paying attention to you. EVEN if you missed your devotional time. And those hormones that are plaguing you (and me)…it’s not exactly like a broken leg…but we will get better. Just maybe a little slower than the leg thing.

And on we go from here.  If you watched that one…click on part two.  It should pop up on the video screen, if not, click the YouTube and you can find part two there.  I cried.  Because I saw myself.  Not is her exact shoes, but pretty doggone close more than 15 years ago.

The LORD is good…and His mercy endures forever!

Girls, you know what makes this journey bearable?  Knowing you are there with me…maybe not necessarily in the SAME spot…but we’re all walking this road at some point and it helps to know that you have survived.