Does your face get you into trouble?  Mine does.  As some peoples mouth tends to jump out there and speak before the brain gets in gear–my face seems to do the same.  I really thought tonight about getting a mask.  At least that way I won’t get stung and I won’t offend.  But, the mask would get hot and stuffy.  I’d have trouble breathing too.  Is that hormones?  The face expression thing?

Maybe I’ve always been like that.  I don’t know.  Or, maybe some are just more sensitive to expressions these days. 

I wrote something down a while back, can’t remember where I found it, but it said, “the most important thing you wear is your expression.”  Wow.  I guess I should have read that tonight before I looked the way I looked.  Mmmm.  Maybe two little grandsons being very active all day long and me being tired from activity I’m not quite used to could have a wee bit to do with it. 

I think when dealing with others, we need to show a little more mercy (I know I do).  So.  Sorry about the “look” if you feel you’ve ever been the recipient of one of my looks.  Truly I didn’t mean it.  I have a vision problem.  (Really)  I remember a sweet woman that I went to church with many years ago, stopped me after church and asked if I was upset with her about anything.  Astonished, I said, “of course not, why do you ask?” 

“Well, you looked at me funny across the church.”

I guess it wasn’t a funny -ha-ha- type.  I explained to her that I had had trouble seeing and would soon be seeing the eye doctor.  I had squinted at her…I suppose that could be confused with a look of “upset”?  4 different pair and strengths of glasses later plus contact lenses proves my point. 

How often do you jump to conclusions about something because of a look you misinterpreted? 

 Yeah, me too.  Sometimes though, I’m on target. 

So, is it your vision or their face?  Hmmm.  Could be either, or both I suppose.

I think we need to work on both.