If you are blessed with grand-kids, they likely LOVE coming to your house.

These visits, while absolutely a fun experience (while you are dreaming of all the fun things you will do), are a necessity for you as well as these little ones.

Although, try not to scare them as your day may go up and down.  A hormonal sweep will most likely happen.  It will probably happen while you are trying to get them to the table, or to the bath, or to bed.  OR, on every single one of those occasions PLUS some.

The fun I mentioned earlier–it will take place.  Tucked in among the trickling sweat (your face) and the grime (their faces) and the tears (yours) and giggles (theirs and yours).  Grab the fun.  Enjoy the fun.

Relish the fun.

You may think it may not happen again, the “fun” of life.  BUT really it CAN.

Especially if  you learn to laugh at yourself.

Like I did, the morning all 5 boys crowded in my bed (not a king size) and one of them lisping said, “Nana’s hair shhure is a mess in da mornings”….

Yes, it is.


(c) Angie Knight.  All rights reserved.