Conversation with my mother today at lunch:

Me:  sometimes it just happens.  All of a sudden–hot–red–sweaty.

Mother:  I know.

Me:  I think this has been going on for about 7 years–truly I’ve lost count.

Mother: (at 70)  It doesn’t seem to let up.

Me:  I’m finding I’m forgetting things…having a hard time focusing…do you?

Mother:  Yes dear.  It seems to be a package deal.  I’ll tell you I have also found out “sweets” will trigger them.  But as Nancy says, “sometimes the sweets are worth the sweat”.

Me:  (despair, oh must I?)  I know what she means…but I do try to be careful…but the memory thing has really got me upset!

Mother:  It happens to all of us…I just try real hard to remember the real important things, and let the other stuff go.

Me:  (thinking–I seem to have too much that seems important)

The above conversation happened today at lunch…while eating our favorite food–Mexican.  The painful part is the reality of what we both feel…me at 51+, she at 70+.  The emotions that overtake us at times seem overwhelming…washing over me in a heated sweat–leaving me feeling like a furnace was set too high.  The passing of that sweat is just as upsetting.  Like a wave, you wonder when the next one will strike.

It’s not like labor pains…it cannot be timed…nor planned for.  And there is no bouncing baby at the end of the acquired weight gain of hormones.  Really, I just want to slap those who glibly fly through this time with not one ounce of hindrance.   Okay, sorry.  That was a hormone talking.  The REAL me wouldn’t slap.


The only slightly humorous thing happened when I discovered a pair of Jeff’s almost new socks in the kitchen garbage…

“What are these doing in the garbage?” I question him– holding up the perfectly good socks.

“I don’t know.  I don’t remember putting them in there”.  Glad that it was him and not me…as it could have been me–if it were not that I was just returning from somewhere…at this point, I don’t remember where–but it did involve driving. :-/

Seems to be catching.


The cupcake picture–deliciously comes from “Sugar Boogers” in Panama City, FL.
I’ve not been there…”yet”.