Give Thanks-table by Brenda

No complaints.

I should have none…yet it happens.  I usually complain about “hot flashes”…but guess what?!

New doctor + 2 new medications = no flashes.

Except for the RARE flash… And THAT, I can take.  It was the “every thirty minute” flashing that was killing me.

So, I’d do what every other red blooded woman would do…I complained.  Wanted to do bodily injury to a woman named “Eve”….but since she is not around…I let it go.  New doctor has made me happy.

The “other” new medicine may make me grow facial hair–AND has made me a bit more “talkative” when I voice my opinion (kind of reminds me of a dear friend– Vanessa Garrett), but once I get THAT under control… I should be almost normal. :/  (What is normal?)

I just sent a fax for a lady who came by the office.  She was a stranger to me.

As I was watching the crumpled paper slide through the machine a few words caught my attention.  I’m not normally nosing into other’s business–but these words stood out.


Those words caught me off guard.

I noticed the signature on the last page wasn’t hers.   It was the scrawling signature of a man.


There are many things being complained about on Facebook-many things being slammed and complained about in churches and on the job–but let’s get real:  We really have nothing to complain about.

So what if they aren’t singing your favorite style of music.  Do what I do.  Listen to the radio and select YOUR style of music…then on Sunday sing with everyone else.  It’s NOT them you are singing to….

It’s HIM.

Oh, don’t get me started.

We have SO become that church.

The church of Ephesus.  We have left our first Love.

We have become the church of  Laodicea.  As vile as vomit in the mouth of God-because we are “lukewarm”.

I noticed some words falling in repetition throughout these passages on the churches as John wrote from Patmos, “I know your works”.

This is a word we need to heed.  He knows our works.

There are days, like this morning–when some hurtful things flailed back through my mind–and I began to be disheartened… then I reminded myself…

We are…children of the MOST HIGH GOD.

Sure, we will have painful words to hear.  Yes, things will happen in our lives that cause much grief and suffering…but that does NOT change who we are.

We are NOT homeless.

Our home is eternal–no ONE can take it away nor destroy it.  Only we can change that course.

Lukewarm state of living will wind us up in a pool of spew far from the Master’s table.

I don’t want that.  Neither do you.

Can we vow to not complain?  Or at least–think before we speak?

And one more thing….if you are singing praises to God… act like it.

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(c) Angie Knight 2013