I don’t care who says what…weather makes a difference.

Raining?  The moods tends often to pitter-patter on the panes of life.

Humidity high?  The tension seems to thicken with the air…

But come fall… let a few leaves begin to turn that reddish color that makes us all (fall lovers) gasp inside–and the mood lightens and we feel like the summer season of heat and hot flashes might just be ebbing away.

2010-11-23 Thanksgiving week-boys 2010 004

That’s what  I felt this morning.  The air was lighter–cooler and felt survivable.

Experiencing the perfect fall day is like putting on that new dress and finding that the fit is even better than in the store.  A bit looser.

And, hey, when the clothes feel loose, the mood brightens immediately!  🙂

I read something the other day–someone bragging because last years earrings still fit. 🙂  Yeah, that’s a good brag 🙂  I had been given a pair as a gift several years ago and they were actually too “tight”.   The posts were quite large-and the holes in my earlobes not so much.  I wasn’t too keen on stretching them either– I’ve seen that look-

Where was I going with that?

I don’t remember.  Back to the weather.

It’s cooler outside today…felt like bon-fire starting and marshmallow roasting.   The hormones are better…

Another thing that makes a difference in the “hormonal balance” besides weather is a “clean house”.

Yes, I went “there”.

I know it’s hard to do–spend all day cleaning your heart out and someone comes in and leaves shoes by the chair and newspaper strewn over the floor.  All you want to do is scream because you worked until your back is killing you and very little consideration is shown–especially by the kids.  Heck, they think the “cleaning fairy” comes in every day and takes care of their junk–they probably have no idea that it is actually “you”.

I have an idea–maybe it still works.  It’s “Divide and Conquer”.

Divide up the chores among the electricity and food consumers in the house and let them have a part in making your house a home again.

Yes, they will complain.

My solution to that is purple.  There are some really cute purple ear plugs at Walmart.  Get a pack.  Insert one into each ear.  “Yours”.  OR, get out your little MP3 and turn it up and tune them out.

Give them a time limit–and a reward at the end of the week.  The feeling of accomplishment is reward enough for you–but for them, they might need a little something extra.  You don’t have to spend money–a reward for a child is “helping make a batch of cookies” or something.

Stop the nonsense of “spending” money as rewards for them.  That’s what’s wrong these days!  For crying out loud–when I was growing up–GROCERY DAY was the highlight of the month for us kids!

I’m not ashamed to say it–I am proud of the way our mother raised us.  It was not with lavish gifts, but with lavish love.  Chores tucked in every day–but at the end of the day–we had contributed to making things easier for her.  (Divorced mom raising 4 kids on a shoestring…and the financial threads were mighty bare at times)

I don’t know the difficulty you might be having today–and granted, the day I’m writing this it feels good outside…that doesn’t mean it will tomorrow–or on the day you happen to read this.  But you do need to know:  He makes the Biggest Difference.

The He…is Jesus.

Whether the weather calls for sunshine or rain; snow or hail…Know that He makes the difference at the heart of the matter.  It’s not so much what’s going on on the outside–as it is what’s happening on the inside of each and everyone of us.

I invite you today–talk to Him about your day–about the changes going on in your life–or the changes that you WANT to go on in your  life.  You might find Him a pretty good listener….

Weather you think so or not. 😉